July 2013

CPS Employment Statistics Static for June 2013

The BLS employment report shows the official unemployment rate remained a static 7.6% and the current population survey unemployment figures are an unmoving pool of little changed this month.   More people were employed, yet the number of people stuck in part-time jobs ballooned from last month and the number of unemployed also increased slightly.

TPP: Obama's Free (but not Fair) Secret Trade Agreement

This week several groups announced a campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). People have had enough experience with treaties like NAFTA to know that it is bad for the economy, bad for workers and bad for the environment. And the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is NAFTA on steroids.

ADP Employment Report Shows 188,000 Private Jobs Added in June 2013

ADP's proprietary private payrolls jobs report shows a gain of 188,000 private sector jobs for June 2013.  ADP revised May's job figures down by 1,000 to 134 thousand jobs.  Overall, June shows some modest improvements in the ADP job figures.  This report does not include government, or public jobs.


Human Nature Needs to Be Back in Business

When two bombs exploded this spring near the Boston Marathon finish line, many rushed to help those who were hurt.  We read about their actions with approval and admiration, but not with surprise.  On some level people understand that it is human nature to try to help, even if doing so involves risk or sacrifice.

This part of human nature is largely absent in business, a world that believes almost entirely in motivation through self-interest and even in the social good of self-interest

Jobless Benefits DO NOT Cause Unemployment

The Wall Street Journal's headline asks, "Are Jobless Benefits Leading to Higher Unemployment?"  But in the very first paragraph in their story they answer their own question with A new paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston suggests the answer is no -- or at least not much.   So then, why does the WSJ ask? Why not just use the headline of this post?

ISM Manufacturing - PMI 50.9% for June 2013

The June ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI recovered from last month's contraction by 1.9 percentage points to 50.9%.  Manufacturing has moved into growth, but barely.   Most of the major sub-indexes switched to growth except employment, which lags new orders and production.  This is the first time manufacturing employment has shrunk since September 2009, not a welcome sign.

New Study Shows 1/3 of Jobs Prone to Offshore Outsourcing

The change in the skill (educational) level of jobs being moved abroad has led some to wonder whether the offshoring of service, unlike production, activities will result in college graduates facing a dwindling supply of entry-level jobs that have traditionally served as stepping-stones to higher skilled and higher paying positions. The notion that offshoring depresses job growth in the United States appears to underlie support among some policymakers for measures meant to encourage U.S. firms to expand employment domestically rather than abroad.