September 2013

ISM Manufacturing 55.7% PMI Shows Growth Held for August 2013

The August ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI increased 0.3 percentage points to 55.7%.  Seems the survey results held the July blow out increase and PMI is now at the highest level for the year.  New orders showed the most promise, with a 4.9 percentage point increase from last month, although the production index declined.

The Economy: From Dollar Stores to Bombs

A woman named Dawn Hughey had worked at a Dollar General store for just four months when she was named "manager" of a store in the Detroit suburbs in 2009. Having recently moved home after a stint in California, Hughey had hoped the new honorific title (and its accompanying annual salary) would help her start a new life in Michigan. But like other managers in America's booming dollar store industry, Hughey quickly came to realize she was a manager in name only.