October 2013

The Failure of Obama's Healthcare.gov Website is Poetic Justice

Obama wants to import more foreign guest workers than there could possibly be jobs for in the United States per the demands of cheap labor corporate lobbyists.  Yet again, instead of focusing in on jobs for Americans, Obama is busy pushing comprehensive immigration reform which will absolutely decimate U.S. workers by flooding the very weak U.S. labor market.

A Graphic Look at Payrolls from the September Employment Report

The BLS unemployment report shows total nonfarm payroll jobs gained were 148,000 for September 2013, with private payrolls adding 126,000 jobs.  Government jobs increased by 22,000.  Additionally 20,000 of September's jobs were temporary ones.   Overall job growth was barely enough to keep up with the growing population.


Unemployment is a Flat Line No Change for September 2013

America's employment is the same as last month and we might look at the BLS report telling us, Doctor, the patient is still dead.  Someone bring the crash cart for employment in America needs to be resuscitated.  The BLS employment report shows the official unemployment rate declined a percentage point to 7.2%.

Existing Home Sales - Affordability at Five Year Low

The NAR reported existing home sales declined -1.9% from last month and are up 10.7% from last year.  Sales have increased on a yearly basis for the last 27 months in a row.   Inventories are still a very tight five months of supply.  Inventories increased 2.0% from last month but are down, -7.4% from a year ago.   Existing homes sales nationwide have increased 10.7% from a year ago.

Maps of Economic Disaster

America has a problem, a big one, the middle class has been wiped out.  It is economic genocide and the target is most of America.  The statistics just continue to pour in on how poorly America is doing.  Even as the great manufactured crisis is over in D.C., the political agenda once again has nothing to do with helping America's middle class.  Why jobs are not job #1 by this government we do not know.

The Invisible Debt Ceiling

Say what you will about the Tea Party – they know how to get their message across. Some of that message is steeped in fear about changes in the United States that are eroding the “natural order” of white people dominating all political, cultural, social, military and other institutions. When a mixed-race inner city politician was elected as president, it was just too much for many older, white Republicans, who decided that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president whose policies simply had to be opposed.

What's Going On With Initial Unemployment Claims?

The DOL reported people filing for initial unemployment insurance benefits in the week ending on October 12th, 2013 was 358,000, a 15,000 decrease from the previous week of 373,000.  The problem is these figures are really out of whack and we have one state to blame, California. We've seen strange soarings in initial claims before yet this was unexpected to occur again.

Does America Really Have to Suffer Through Yet Another Congressional Psychodrama?

Congress at the midnight hour has passed a deal to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling, yet this deal is amazingly short lived.  The political theater has been unbelievable and once again the problem with America's economy is completely irresponsible politics versus external events.  Instead of focusing in on the responsible thing, which of course is to not destroy the United States and global economy, the press is now having a field day with who blinked first in this very dangerous game of political chicken.