Exercises for the Reader from the January 2011 Unemployment Report

Remember in school when there was a problem so tough even the Professor couldn't figure it out? Remember how teachers and even textbooks would say this is an exercise left for the reader instead of admitting the problem wasn't easily solved? Such is our employment situation report.

ADP Employment Report for November 2010 - 93,000 private sector jobs gained

The ADP report for November 2010 it out and ADP is reporting a gain of 93,000 private sector jobs. This is the biggest job gain in 3 years. Even more encouraging, the October private sector jobs numbers were revised, from 43,000 to 82,000. That's almost double what was originally reported. Now don't get your panties all in a bunch, this still is not enough to lower unemployment.

Republicans Deny Unemployment Benefits

For all of you about to be denied unemployment and can't find a job, it's time to write your Congressional representatives.

The House of Representatives on Thursday voted down a measure that would have reauthorized extended unemployment insurance for another three months, leaving no clear path forward to prevent the benefits from lapsing as scheduled on Nov. 30.

Without a reauthorization, the Labor Department estimates that two million long-term unemployed will prematurely stop receiving benefits before the end of the year.

"I think it's a sad moment," said Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) after the vote. "It appalls me that the Republicans keep pitching and pitching and pitching the tax cuts for the rich and won't join in a bill to help people keep their homes and not have to live in their cars."

The bill was brought to the floor under a "suspension of the rules," meaning it required approval from two-thirds of the House. It failed 258 to 154, with mostly Democratic support. Twenty-one Republicans voted in favor and 11 Democrats voted nay.

For all those 99ers going to now be homeless (odds on), check out 2 million people about to be denied unemployment benefits.

Remember this only covers (if they were extended) 48% of the workforce. Most can't even qualify to obtain unemployment benefits due to being self-employed, temporary and so on.