Oh Those Socialist French

French lead the world in health care

Ah those socialist French, first in the world in stopping preventable deaths.

The U.S.? Dead last.



Is our country too big?

My husband asked if it was easier for smaller countries to have universal health care for all their citizens. Not being an economist, I didn't have a good answer for him other than "Well then either we find a way to cover everybody or we break into three or more countries."
But I'd like your help on this.

interesting question

This country is already over 300M and growing fast and correlating population to universal health care is something I haven't heard much of.
I'd probably think that total income, the fact the US is becoming so economically divided, so many poor, that ratio might be the bigger problem economically.

Looks like we need some more experts who are not writing for some corporation, lobby organization, "special interest" to sum up for us.