Virginia and New Jersey Exit Polls - It's the Economy

Since Republicans usually don't have too great of ideas for jobs, one must wonder exactly why both New Jersey and Virginia went red.

Some exit polls might give some clues.

In New Jersey, it was all about corruption and property taxes.

In Virginia it's less clear. Jobs was the #1 issue but some of the comments imply voters are royally disgusted with the bank bail outs and also the spending without the results in jobs.

Perhaps most striking were economic views: A vast 89 percent in New Jersey and 85 percent in Virginia said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy in the next year; 56 percent and 53 percent, respectively, said they were "very" worried about it.

Voters who expressed the highest levels of economic discontent heavily favored the Republican candidates in both states – underscoring the challenge Obama and his party may face in 2010 if economic attitudes don't improve. The analogy is to 1994, when nearly six in 10 voters said the economy was in bad shape, and they favored the out-of-power Republicans by 26 points, helping the GOP to a 52-seat gain and control of Congress for the first time in 42 years.

In Virginia on Tuesday, voters who were "very" worried about the economy concern supported the Republican winner, Bob McDonnell by a wide margin, 77-23 percent. In New Jersey, while the gap wasn't quite so broad, voters who were most worried about the economy backed the Republican Chris Christie by 61-34 percent as he unseated incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine.

So, what does this mean?

So my take, beyond simply getting out the vote, campaign organizations and the rest of it, is Dems blew it on jobs and economic policy, so voters just kicked them out.

For New Jersey, it assuredly didn't help Corzine is connected to Goldman Sachs.

Also interesting to note is in Virginia, immigration enforcement was an issue.

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You are right about the economy but for Democrats its more

and I have to say Kos is right about this: Tonight's Big Lesson.

Appearances and actions matter, and from the beginning people believe that Washington is only helping financial conglomerates and financial oligarchy not the rest of us and who is in control of Washington - Democrats and corporate benefactors. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.


While I think TARP and giving big companies the in and so forth hath "done them in",

but that's not what kos is saying, he's claiming, for example, people want "comprehensive" immigration reform. That's not what most polls say and it's failed twice due to public outrage. That whole "open border" thing is a special interest agenda.

So, he's got his own laundry list, regardless of the polling.

But yeah, I think TARP, "Stimulus" that wasn't directed, rammed through Congress, the lack of any real financial reform possibly hath done Dems in.

The health care "debate" is also loaded with special interests and people are scared to death on it as a result. It's hard to figure out what's even going on beyond a $1 trillion dollar price tag.

People wanted "change" and the perception is Obama isn't

delivering (independents included). They are not seeing it because the lack of bold action and the desire to compromise with corporate interests instead of fighting.

Name the initiative so far it has been compromised and do you think most people are following the fiasco with financial regulatory reform. There isn't a sense, particularly with base support, that things are changing. Why? Because they are not. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

And another thing

Obama rightfully criticized 'trickle down' economics but what does he do - he practices 'trickle down' economics with protecting the financial oligarchy. My suggestion would have been telling the financial oligarchy and conglomerates - haircuts for everybody - more writedowns and debt forgiveness. And he missed an opportunity by taking the financial conglomerates on directly with financial regulatory reform.

I just really pissed, not about the elections but about sense of direction. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

change we can believe in

I saw this happening during the primaries, because that campaign slogan was rarely defined, people put their own definitions in it.

For example, people want trade reform, many want to pull out of the WTO, NAFTA and start over. Others want modifications.

Well, people believed Obama was going to do something, when in fact, he had less reforms in his white papers and more indications from his voting record he would do little....than believe this or not, Hillary Clinton.

So, that "change we can believe in" now that people see the specifics and realize it's more of the same....

is coming back to bite them. That polls say everybody likes Obama, which I an believe but are really upset over actual policies. Shame those polls are not more specific but I don't think people realized they were voting for TARP, for more corporate back deals, the financial oligarchy and so on. But on the other hand, by the general election, there was no choice, corporate puppet McCain was even worse.

another saying no financial reform means Dems lose 2010/2012

NC guest post, George Washington blog.

(note they only quote Kos in financial reform).

I agree, I think people, all "parties" are so outraged over TARP, exec. pay, foreclosures, Stimulus with no real direction to jobs, they are doing protest votes.