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Instapopulist Forum topic3rd Quarter GDP Grew at a 3.4% Rate Because Inventories Grew at a 31.9% Rate 02 months 10 hours ago
Instapopulist Forum topic2nd Quarter GDP Up 4.1% Despite Largest Inventory Contraction Since 2009 26 months 6 days ago
Blog entryOne cold snap uses 11.5% of US natural gas supplies; 8 more weeks like that and our gas storage will be totally empty 18 months 3 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topicConstruction contribution to Q1 GDP under-reported by 47 basis points, despite 1.7% drop in March 19 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryOPEC's February Oil Market Report showed that the global oil glut is growing again 012 months 20 hours ago
Instapopulist Forum topicDecember Trade Deficit Up 5.3% on Higher Imports of Cellphones, Drugs and Cars 01 year 1 week ago
Instapopulist Forum topicNovember Personal Spending Up 0.6%, Two Months PCE Adds 171 Basis Points to Q4 GDP 41 year 2 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topicConsumer Prices Rose 0.4% in November on Higher Energy Costs 01 year 2 months ago
Blog entryOPEC oil output at a 6 month low; global oil output at a 12 month high 01 year 2 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicOctober Trade Deficit Up 8.6%, Revisions Whack 3rd Quarter GDP 01 year 2 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicProducer Prices Rose 0.4% in October on Higher Gas Station Margins and Wholesale Drug Prices 01 year 3 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicAdvance Estimate of 2nd Quarter GDP & Revisions From 2014 to Present 11 year 6 months ago
Blog entryThe Great US Natural Gas Exports Myth 11 year 7 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicMay Personal Income up 0.4%, Spending up 0.1%; 2 Months PCE to Add 184 Basis Points to Q2 GDP 01 year 7 months ago
Blog entryOPEC cuts still not reducing global oil glut, and they know it 01 year 9 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topic 4th Quarter GDP Revised to Show Growth at a 2.1% Rate 11 year 10 months ago
Blog entryHalf million barrel per day global oil surplus persisted in February 01 year 11 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicTrade Deficit, Up 9.6% in January, on Track to Clip 78 Basis Points from Q1 GDP 31 year 11 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topic4th Quarter GDP Growth Remains at a 1.9% Rate 21 year 11 months ago
Blog entryDespite OPEC Cuts, Global Glut Grows A Million Barrels a Day 21 year 12 months ago
Blog entryNew Record Highs for US Oil Exports, for Gasoline Inventories, and for Oil Inventories 02 years 2 days ago
Blog entryOPEC cuts their oil output but keeps on drilling 02 years 1 week ago
Instapopulist Forum topicOver Half a Trillion 2016 Trade Deficit 12 years 1 week ago
Instapopulist Forum topicQ4 GDP A Bumbling 1.9% 42 years 2 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topicUsing December CPI to compute real PCE shows a 138 basis point boost to 4th qtr GDP 32 years 3 weeks ago