Friday Movie Night -Manufacturing a Better Future for America

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Since hearing how putting in some insulation or yet more teachers (read voters) and pickin' up trash is magically going to generate 10.9 million jobs (the number needed to get back to pre-recession employment levels), I thought this talk by the Alliance for American Manufacturing on how to rebuild the U.S. economy was in order. They have an excellent plan for infrastructure projects which would generate GDP, add to the national economy, over the long term, in addition to providing Americans with high skills jobs.

Manufacturing a Better Future for America

China's Quest for Oil

Is China trying to capture the oil market?

From Fueling the Dragon:

With 1.3 billion people, the People's Republic of China is the world's most populous country and the second largest oil consumer, behind the U.S. In recent years, China has been undergoing a process of industrialization and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With real gross domestic product growing at a rate of 8-10% a year, China's need for energy is projected to increase by 150 percent by 2020. to sustain its growth China requires increasing amounts of oil. Its oil consumption grows by 7.5% per year, seven times faster than the U.S.

Manufacturing Update for 3.10.09

Greetings everyone, and welcome to a new edition of the Manufacturing series! Been ill again, so haven't kept up. Rest assured, I'm in somewhat top form now. But enough about me, we got manufacturing stuff to talk about! Some interesting news out there, but first, of course the Numbers!

The Numbers

Times have been tough for manufacturing, we all know this. And the current business cycle has been especially cruel. Month after month of job losses, plant closures, the pairing down of work hours, you name it. In some places, this has sadly been old hat, just ask the folks around Detroit. It's as if you could amalgamate this country's industrial base as a very large person, say back to the middle of the last century, and is now looking like one of those sickly persons one sees in a famine. But could we start seeing a bottoming?

Manufacturing Tuesday

Greetings folks, beginning of the week and that means the latest edition in the Manufacturing series. I do hope everyone is doing better than our economy. The President was on television talking about jobs. He had visited a town in Indiana where the unemployment rate had reached 18%. The stimulus plan being laid before us, President Obama hopes, will eventually lead to several million jobs. But before we get to the latest on jobs and manufacturing, let's look at this week's Numbers.

The Numbers

Last Thursday, on the 5th of February, we saw the release of the latest Factory Orders figure. Now this indicator, for you newcomers, measures the growth (or shrinkage)from month-to-month in new orders for durable and non-durable goods from our nation's factories.

Manufacturing Tuesday: Vol. 2.3.09

Greetings everyone to another new installment in the Manufacturing series. Now this was intended to be released yesterday, but some emergency family issues came up that needed to be resolved (this seems to be happening a lot to me on these days lately!). So, please accept my apologies on the delay. Saying that, though there is a silver lining, I'm going to go ahead and basically give you a more "fresher" version of what was planned for yesterday (I normally write these up on Saturday and Sunday). So without further adieu....

The Numbers

Yesterday we got the latest ISM Manufacturing Survey Index figures for the month of January. The patient is recovering, but is still in critical condition!

Manufacturing Tuesday: Week of 01.05.2009

It's the start of the new calendar year, the start of a new Presidential administration (well on the 20th actually), and of course the start of the first business quarter. We got in some disturbing, ok that's putting it mildly, some crappy manufacturing news from the gang at ISM. The steel industry, in hopes of restoring some business, initiates a new campaign. Arizona & Michigan are starting a green jobs plans. All this, but first...

The Numbers!

This week's Numbers section actually will also be one our leader story. The latest from the Institute of Supply Management's Manufacturing Survey came in at below what folks were figuring. Now to those new to all this, the ISM Manufacturing Survey is a study of 300 manufacturing firms; the numbers are registered as an index, anything above 50 means expansion in manufacturing, below 50 the opposite.

Manufacturing Monday: Week of 12.28.2008

Greetings folks, I hope your holiday season is going well. In case you were wondering, there was no Manufacturing update last week, family and health related issues. This week will be kinda short, my apologies, but I wanted to cut some of the gloom and doom for the holiday season. We got stuff on solar energy, a new grant system for electric car innovation, milestones on wind, and something for the kids! But as always, we hit our first section...

The Numbers!

Skipping the "Made in China" Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone!  Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, but I've been extremely ill and well the holiday-related madness.  Anyways, if it pleases the court, I'd like to talk about the latter.  Yes, despite several outpatient surgeries and other things I tried to trudge through that oh-so-Christmas event known as shopping.  Ok, I only went out three times, but that was enough for me.  Frankly, I am beginning to believe they should change the name of Christmas to Consumermas.  There was nothing I could find meriting all the hassle at the stores.  Especially didn't feel like contributing more funds to China in the form of some plastic trinket.  Seriously, is this what the holidays are all about now?