Stock Market Crash

The Blood Bath on Wall Street Is the Blood of Main Street

All hail the credit rating agencies. The Dow is tanking, at the time of this post down over 630 points, probably getting hit with margin calls. Gold is over $1700 an ounce. Oil is down $3 dollars a barrel as investors hunt for a place to hide. Currency exchange rates are bouncing. Panic is clear due to high market volumes and the fear index, otherwise known as the VIX, surged 40% in a day.


Wall Street Realizes the Crazies are Running the Asylum

money waterfall
Wall Street exits, stage right, from the United States economy. The Dow closed 513 points down today and is down over 1,200 points since July 21. Both the Nasdaq and the S&P. This is the worst one day drop since October 2008, otherwise known as the great financial Armageddon.



Only three of the 500 stocks in the Standard & Poor's 500 index had gains. Oil fell by 6 percent. The yield on the two-year Treasury note hit a record low as investors sought out relatively stable investments.

All three major stock indexes are down 10 percent or more from their previous highs, a drop-off that is considered to be a market correction. A drop of 20 percent or more signifies the start of a bear market, an extended period of stock declines.