IBM to Fired U.S. Workers - Offshore Outsource Yourself!

Here is the epitome of labor arbitrage and the obvious inhuman view IBM has on it's employees.

IBM is telling soon to be fired U.S. and Canadian workers they can have a job, but only if they move to India or China and work for Indian and Chinese wages. (It is yet to be seen what India and China have to say about this with foreigners coming in and taking jobs!).

Information Week has the details:

The climate is warm, there's no shortage of exotic food, and the cost of living is rock bottom. That's IBM's pitch to the laid-off American workers it's offering to place in India. The catch: Wages in the country are pennies-on-the-dollar compared to U.S. salaries.

Is Obama the Offshore Outsourcing President?

Yesterday Obama nominated the most notorious offshore outsourcing Senate advocate, Judd Gregg, for Commerce Secretary.

Today global labor arbitrage and offshore outsourcing expert, expert, Dr. Ron Hira, spells out the hidden multinational corporate offshore outsourcing agenda in an op-ed, The Obama administration promotes outsourcing:

We know from a recent EE Times survey that offshoring is the No. 1 career concern for EEs. The Obama Administration has been in office just a few weeks now, but we already know how it will address the offshoring of engineering jobs.

It will promote it.

AP Investigation: Bail Out Banks sought foreign workers instead of U.S. workers!

This is a bombshell. Banks, while receiving billions in TARP bail out money and firing U.S. workers right and left sought foreign workers. The associated press did an investigation on where your taxpayer money is going and this is what they found!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Major U.S. banks sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers into the country for high-paying jobs even as the system was melting down last year and Americans were getting laid off, according to an Associated Press review of visa applications.

Is Silicon Valley Trying to Buy the Presidency? Yet another Outsourcer, Symantec, for Commerce Secretary

Yes this is an incredible title but an incredible pattern is emerging. First we had the notorious we want to be a Chinese company offshore outsourcer CISCO CTO, Padmasree Warrior being considered for our Government CTO.

Now we have reports of another notorious offshore outsourcer and promoter of labor arbitrage of engineers, Symantec CEO, John W. Thompson, being considered for Commerce Secretary, the slot vacated by Bill Richardson.

Corporations Who Lobby for Guest Workers Having Massive Layoffs

Here come the tech layoffs. Microsoft is laying off 5,000, including R&D engineers. Intel shuts 4 plants and lays off 6000, 1000 from Oregon alone.

Ebay will surely announce soon for their quarterly earnings dropped 31% and the largest garage sale in the world should be more recession proof.

Obama Picks Cheap Labor & Guest Worker Queen Janet Napolitano for DHS!

What bodes ill for United States Technical and Science Professionals is Obama's choice for Department of Homeland Security, AZ Governor Janet Napolitano.

So much for change right? So much for the United State middle class or U.S. workers!

Computerworld points out DHS controls the guest worker Visas, including H-1B.

Pfizer Forcing U.S. Citizens to Train H-1B Guest Worker Replacements Before Being Fired

This is one of the most disgusting and egregious corporate acts I can think of.

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements:

Pfizer's outsourcing contract with Infosys Technologies and Satyam Computer Services means job losses for IT workers in Connecticut. Many U.S.-based contractors are complaining that they are being asked to train H-1B workers who will soon replace them.

Unfortunately we have heard this story repeatedly. Professionals have testified before Congress and multiple reports have witnessed this despicable treatment before throwing away U.S. workers.

Boeing Strike Partially Settled, Looks Like Union Lost on Outsourcing

Boeing Works Deal with Machinists but it appears that Engineers and Techies Might Strike.

on the heels of a tentative agreement to settle a strike with its machinists, immediately faces contract negotiations with its engineer and technical workers union, an effort promising to be just as heated and contentious as the one that prompted the machinists to walk out for seven weeks

And on outsourcing:

For Boeing's part, the manufacturer said it was able to retain flexibility to manage its business, a hint to its increased reliance on outsourcing. It was also able to secure a longer-term contract than in prior years, crucial for a company with a poor record of suffering production halts during labor-contract negotiations.