California Gets Real - Considers deporting thousands of illegal immigrant criminals instead of footing the bill

There is no doubt the illegal alien lobby will scream bloody murder over this, but due to the fact California is about to collapse and default, Governor Schwartzenagger is considering the obvious, instead of paying for illegal immigrants who are sitting in California's prisons costing the state money, how about handing them back and let that country be responsible for their own citizens?

What a concept and he's not releasing the violent felons either.

Calif. looks to immigrant inmates to save costs:

With California slipping into a financial sinkhole, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to save more than $180 million by cutting short the sentences of thousands of immigrants in the state's prisons and turning them over to federal authorities for deportation.

The idea faces certain hurdles — for one thing, commuting some sentences will require court approval — and immigration authorities warn that a mass release of inmates from California and other states could swamp the federal system, which is already at capacity.

But Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Lisa Page said: "Every dollar not spent to house an undocumented immigrant inmate is a dollar that can be spent on health care services and education and other important programs to Californians. These inmates are the federal government's responsibility and California taxpayers shouldn't be paying the bill."

In recent years, other states have struck agreements with federal authorities to deport some inmates before their sentences were up, but those releases were done on a much smaller scale than what California is proposing.

The state's plan would involve as many as 19,000 inmates. Those among them who committed sex offenses or violent crimes would not be eligible for early release, Page said Friday.

Nearly 65,000 immigrants — most of them in the U.S. illegally — are serving time in the U.S. for state crimes.

$180 Million. The budget shortfall is $20 Billion. But maybe this is the first step to get California to realize the costs of sanctuary and open border policies. Sure no person is illegal, but there ain't no free lunch either (except in many cities and states currently).

Some details on the costs and more importantly the magnets which encourage illegal immigration into California.

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I don't understand

If they've committed a crime in California, why go to all the trouble of turning them over to the Feds for deportation? Why not just drive the prison bus into Mexico and release them?

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

why I covered it

I don't follow all of the details but as I understand it, the illegal alien lobby has demanded no state, local police be allowed to do anything regarding immigration law, i.e. the Federal administration won't let states enforce immigration law at all.

So, they have to turn people over to ICE, can't just do it themselves.

Obviously this curtails having any sort of enforcement at all on immigration law because then the federal government, i.e. the Bush/Obama administration can starve out the staff of ICE, etc. and I believe it goes under DHS.

It's just nuts, I mean CA's problems do not appear to be caused by illegal immigration but is does add to the costs, adds to the budget problems and of course really represses wages overall.

Why I put it up in an Instapopulist. To me, this stuff, due to the "PC"/illegal alien lobby is so out of reality in terms of what the labor market can handle to the over all costs etc. I thought it almost amusing that a state who is about to default...."considers", get that, literally dares to stick their toe in....these waters in order to reduce the budget. In other words, a state can't do anything, even with clearly dealing with drug cartels, gangs, i.e. Felons, when it comes to this issue.

US taxpayers foot bill to take care of world

The general idea that the US taxpayers are responsible for taking care of the world (incarceration, education, jobs, medicine, welfare, foreign aid, ...) is finally coming home to roost.

Huge deficits at the state and federal level and millions of CITIZENS unemployed and in poverty and you still have foolish politicians wanting to spend taxpayer money to save the world. This is the definition of insanity.