Roger & Me

Friday Movie Night - Roger & Me

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Roger & Me

GM, along with Ford and Chrysler are now asking for $25 Billion dollars. We are hearing devastating reports of 3 million jobs lost, 4% decline in US GDP, in other words a tail spin cocktail for a bad economy, if GM or the US automakers were allowed to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


With the Auto Bail Out theme, I thought it appropriate to show Michael Moore's famous documentary Roger & Me.


Google video has the entire documentary online to watch. (click the link). Note, you can watch this full screen.

If you have not seen this it's a treat and if you have, notice some of the same similarities. Pets or Meat!