Banksters Breakin' In

Think you need to watch out for home invasions? In a way you do, this time from the Banksters:



Think the above story is a fluke, unique, rare? Oh not so:

Two Canadian tourists returning to their rental home from a day at the beach found evidence burglars had struck -- or so it seemed.

Their laptop computer and MP3 player were missing, as were six bottles of wine. A half-empty beer opened by the intruders was still cold and sitting on the kitchen counter.

But why, then, had the locks on the front door been changed?

It turns out that a Sarasota company working for a lender trying to retake the property through foreclosure sent two men to the Punta Gorda home to break in and change the locks, even though the home was obviously occupied.

What's more amazing, is when the police arrived, they did nothing, because the ones breaking and entering were JP Morgan Chase. In other words, if a scumbag breaks in, they go to jail, yet a Bankster doing the same thing? No problem, they get a free pass, dismissed as a little too gung-ho'.

Meanwhile the New York Times sums up the outrage as furor and Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (MI-14) and Congresswoman Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (MI-13) called on lenders to extend foreclosure moratorium.

Dylan Ratigan interviewed the woman making the 9/11 call in hte video clip below:




PNC latest to block foreclosured sales

misleading? says blocked sales.

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BoA halts sales of foreclosed properties, all 50 states

I don't get this, it's just the sales, how about the foreclosures themselves?

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