Friday Movie Night - Close to Home

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


I debated about showing this Frontline video because it is personal stories. But the film came back in my mind over the week. Some of the images of perfectly capable Americans, people who played by all of the rules, now living on the tail end of the American dream, brought to you by Visa and Mastercard, the amazing number of people over 40 who cannot get a job, the fear, the terror, the broken spirits, haunted me over the week. This same story is being played out in every coffee shop or beauty salon in America. The only thing that bothers me is the fear. People need to turn that fear into anger, get active and demand a good job and their American dream back.


Here is a short interview with Senator Byron Dorgan on the state of U.S. jobs (and this is before the recession)