Friday Movie Night - Our Daily Bread

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!

This evening I cannot help but revisit the 1930's. A famous film from the Great Depression is Our Daily Bread. Labeled pinko and capitalist propaganda at the same time, the story depicts communal living during the depression era.

The politics behind this film are enormous. The director, King Vidor actually turned out to be a political conservative, yet Charlie Chaplin's financing of the film was used to accuse him of being a communist. The lead actress, Karen Morley was blacklisted as a communist in the 1950's and was heavily involved in the Screen Actors Guild.

This isn't the usual educational series but frankly I wasn't in the mood and it's interesting to watch a film on communal, socialism, communism sorts of values and the thoughts that will roam the head on how unworkable/how practical/how ridiculous it all is.

Ok, for all of you in the mood to watch a group of international economists dissect the financial crisis of 2008 causes for you:

Understanding the Financial Crisis



Is it too late to post a rec for a movie?

Is it too late to post a rec for a movie?

hell no

although it would go into next weeks.

but absolutely, I could assuredly use help finding good clips as well as good comics for these series, so recommend away.

I'm always hunting around for both and it seems every day online video is becoming more and more ubiquitous which is super cool but locating stuff is still stuck in the 1990's.

I was thinking of doing a CT night and a un PC night for the Internets is loaded with these and thought it might be fun to debunk too.

video in comments

You can post video clips in comments too and this is our blog and I try to be the responsive geek. So, if there is some feature, problem, something you want to do technically, just post a comment in the admin forum or email. I'll do what I can to incorporate whatever media is around and modify the actual site so we can make it all look pretty and useful. This ain't no google blogspot, soapblox, DK or predefined website...I can modify the actual code underneath to accommodate requests! (cool huh!)