Progressive solutions video

I don't agree with many of the solutions offered, but I do like the logic behind it - hit the bastards where they are the weakest.

The video got me thinking that the next war will be economic. For example, Japan and China don't have to fire a single shot to bring our economy to its knees.

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It probably will be over natural resources/energy resources

and done via proxy. We are attached at hip with China - China, unless it can be create domestic demand high enough, will only be hurting itself if it chose economic warfare.

They are working to corner the market on natural resources & energy resources - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

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All war is economic in nature, therefore all war is economic

The video got me thinking that the next war will be economic.

No offense, dude, but all wars are economic in nature (possibly with one historic exception: that soccer war in South America a year or so ago, but probably even that was economic in origin).

Bombing factories, defoliation, sanctions, frozen assets -- and on and on, in the end and after historical study, prove to be economic in nature.

That's why so much of it is always predictable. If you happen to do an intensive study of history you'll find the USA funding both sides (via those corporations and banksters), at least dating back to World War One (again, probably earlier, but historical economic data is kinda sketchy then).

In case you've missed it, again the USA is funding both sides (all sides??) in Afghanistan. That's the way to extract the most predatory capitalistic profit from war, after all.

I don't fret about China, I pay close attention to all those anti-citizen, anti-American worker cretins in this country.

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The war is economic

The current war, which is not even being realized I guess (how can anyone not realize this, just look into your Wallet!), is on the "peasants" vs. the elites or "executive class".

And then won. They won big time and the way financial reform is going, they are going to win again.

I agree with you that war is economic generally and a huge reason why I started this site. At the time it was all Iraq on the blogs and understandably so, but I didn't see it that way, I saw Halliburton, defense stocks rising, major elites buying politicians and just barely hiding the firms they really represent....

But in the more traditional terms of war, I'm pretty certain the war on the middle class can be quantified as such and they won.

this actually would make a great post, to show how economics either is behind war, or war profiteering or is the start, or cause of war. I don't think most people put the two together.

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