Societe Generale - How to Prepare Yourself for a Global Economic Collapse

Commodities Bugs are ecstatic with the French firm Societe Generale's Worst Case Debt Scenario Report.

Read the entire report. On the first page you will see as the number one thing to do to project yourself:

Sell your dollars

Not good when the U.S. dollar is the international as well as reserve currency and upon which American's purchasing power relies as well.

This is a Doomsday Report. Additionally, the focus is on debt and Japan's Lost Decade results scenario.

global debt


Zero Hedge are the ones who originally posted the actual report. Opinions, instead of the original report, are now making the media rounds, but with no links, even to Zero Hedge.

I've moved the original report over here because

1. it's hard to find the actual report
2. it's slow loading over at Zero Hedge

Remember, this is a doomsday scenario, but since many of our readers voted the economic recovery was salted & barren, I think this might assist in quantifying your fears.

It's also a good bet if you are an investor, even from a behavioral view point. The herd moves quickly on fear.

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