Sunday Morning Comics - Rotten Eggs Edition

Brought to you by the Federal Reserve - Yeah, we're going to fix the economy. We've got Glenn Beck on retainer.
Cup O' Joe


Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
break out the O.J....hang out with the pooch...time to check out the Funnies.


Cartoonist: Mike Luckovich


I Have a Scheme


Cartoonist: John Darkow


Stephen Colbert University


Cartoonist: Mike Luckovich


Control Self Delete


Cartoonist: Nate Beeler


Regulation Debate After Terrible Tragedy


Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson: "OK, Now What?"


Cartoonist: John Darkow




not my cartoons!

I'm just a reader, who collects the economic related comedy that cracks me up for others to see.

I should say, finding funny stuff when hunting on keywords "unemployment despair funny" is not an easy find! ;)

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