January 2008

Manufacturing Jobs - US Wages Dramatic Decline

Along with the loss of -3.3 million Manufacturing jobs over the last seven years, a report just released by the BLS shows average hourly compensation for US Manufacturing jobs fell from the world’s 4th highest in 2000 to the world’s 14th highest in 2006. Japan’s Manufacturing jobs were the 2nd highest paid in 2000 but plunged to rank only 16th in 2006.

Make Sense of out This

While talking heads pile on the cable shows, blogs and discuss identity politics, what about policy?

Only Romney is mentioning outsourcing and his solutions are part of the problem. He also vetoed a MA amendment to stop state jobs from being outsourced. You know the idea that money recycled into local economies stimulates that economy? Not when it comes to real jobs it seems. Although at least he is aware of it, and seemingly the other major candidates, both parties are ignoring the global labor arbitrage agenda and what it is doing to the United States middle class.

Job losses jump in largest 1 week increase since Hurricane Katrina.

Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles - Bush's Real Economic Performance

The House of Representatives Democratic Caucus released the below summary table to the press. This economic summary on the major economic indicators of the last 7 years deserves reposting. That said, the title should read Corporate lobbyists policy and legislation, the real Economic performance. One must note that Democratic leadership is pushing for more bad trade deals, more guest worker Visas and enabling more offshore outsourcing as well. If you notice in the Presidential campaigns, a dramatic and much needed strategic change in trade, fiscal and labor policy is not discussed. One might get the token "labor and environmental standards" sound bytes without nary a question on the reality those cannot be enforced in other nations. Both administrations in the last 15 years had bubble economies, the dot con and now the housing bubble.


I have to agree with you in that they have stopped the bills and as we saw last night in the State of the Union, not only are both parties planning giving unlimited H-1B Visas and whatever other guest worker Visa they can find but all of the major Presidential candidates have promised corporate lobbyists pretty much the same thing.


Forget talking to Congress - Talk to Roy Beck

Roy Beck from NumbersUSA is in the position to make a difference on the ground.Many of us have gone to Washington D.C. with this result:talked to our representatives (or more likely, their aides)had them pretend to listen to uswent back homewatched nothing happenRoy is a straight-shooter with the potential of leading politically.Roy and Rosemary- if you're listening- you know how congress pushes through "dead of night" legislation and you know how to stop it!

Decoupling Reality from Policy

While mainstream pundits and economists are now realizing the precipitous cliff of sand the United States teeters on, few will mention bad trade policy being one of the causes.

Newsweek's cover story, The Road to Recession we are starting to see mainstream economic pundits realize the U.S. is in much more serious trouble as implied by this foreboding Newsweek article title U.S. Economy at the Guillotine

The Great Global Market Freak-Out of 2008 has everyone asking whether the United States—already on the road to recession—is entering into a protracted period of economic trouble where jobs will be slashed, prices will continue to rise and the dollar will keep falling; and if so, whether the declining U.S. economy will pull the rest of the world down with it

Jobs - Good Paying Jobs is What the US really needs To Stimulate The Economy

Can a check for $600 stimulate our economy? Ask anyone what they plan on doing with their $600 check and most will answer "Pay down debt" or "pay the heat bill". No one is planning a vacation, or purchasing an HD television. The economy needs jobs. Good paying jobs. Guest workers on H1B visas need to be sent home. Thank you for your services, but our nation is suffering and we must get our citizens back to work.