trade deficit

Trade Deficit for December 2010 - $40.6 Billion

The December 2010 U.S. trade deficit increased $2.3 billion to $40.6 billion. $25.3 billion of this deficit is oil related. For the year, the trade deficit is -$497.8 billion, a trade deficit increase of -$122.9 billion, or 32.8% increase, in comparison to 2009. Oil related trade was -$265 billion of the total yearly 2010 deficit, or 53.2%.

Trade Deficit for November 2010 - $38.3 Billion

The November 2010 U.S. trade deficit decreased $0.1 billion to $38.3 billion. October's trade deficit was revised to $38.4 billion. Exports increased $1.2 billion and imports increased $1.1 billion. That's only a 0.7% increase in exports from last month, so in a nutshell, the trade deficit didn't budge much from October.


Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage

Warren Buffett’s concept to significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit.

I’m a proponent of a proposal that was introduced to the Senate in 2006. Trade deficits are always detrimental to a nation’s GDP. Trade deficit’s detriment to the GDP exceeds the amount of the deficit itself. The GDP bolsters the median wage.

Labor costs are only 10% of U.S.-China price differential.

"The other 90% is subsidy, currency manipulation, environmental practices run amok and labor practices that are simply deplorable," Leo Hindery Jr., chairman of the U.S. Economy/Smart Globalization Initiative, told the Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing held on Sept. 28 in Washington, D.C., according to Industry Week.

Trade Deficit for August 2010 - $46.3 Billion

The August 2010 U.S. trade deficit increased to $46.347 billion. July's revised deficit was $42.583 billion. The goods deficit with China alone increased $2.1 billion. That's an 8.84% U.S. trade deficit increase in one month. U.S. exports increased by a measly $0.3 billion, to $153.5 billion, while imports increased by $4.1 billion, to $200.2 billion.


Trade Deficit for July 2010 - $42.8 billion

The July 2010 U.S. trade deficit decreased from last month's $49.8 billion to $42.8 billion. That is a 14% U.S. trade deficit decrease in one month, yet a yo-yo effect, bringing the trade deficit back about the same level as May 2010. U.S. exports increased by $2.8 billion, to $153.3 billion, while imports decreased $4.2 billion, to $196.1 billion.