CNBC: McCain says this deal is dead to him

CNBC's Charlie Gasparino is now reporting that McCain is saying the deal is "dead" in it's current form.  This marks another flipflop from the senator, who just the other day says some sort of bailout was needed.  This also comes in light of the Democrats in both houses coming to an agreement as to what they want.  Indeed, even 40 out of 49 Republicans said they would go along. McCain had met with Republican leaders.  He or his handlers have been in constant contact with the White House, particularly Paulson.  So I'll tell you, if this is true, it's a shocker. I wonder if this is that hail mary pass people were wondering he was going to pull?  If Gasparino is correct, then this changes the dynamics of the campaign a bit.  He could be perceived as the guy against Wall Street.  Of course, the cynical bastard in me thinks this is also a ruse.  Nothing Republicans have done has been on the up and up, if you know what I mean.  He comes out against it, but probably in secret has a deal with Paulson or who knows.



Well, who knows I mean it's quite clear many, many economists are saying this is a really bad idea and because the Democrats are not specific at all...

one cannot reach consensus on what will actually work!

I put up an Instapopulist where I heard so much conflicting information on what the specifics were....well, what can I say, the Democrats now look like mud.

Their message is mud because they are not being specific and to make matters worse in these press updates they blast McCain saying he's just a big clog and I'm sorry, not that I agree with McCain or his pathetic plan the reality is he is a senior Senator here and they should not be blasting him in such a manner.

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CNBC: McCain says this deal

Come on McCain make up your mind already, which is. To bailout or not bailout. THAT is the question, and I guess he’s answered yes to both… interesting.. Perhaps he’s looking for that KEY differentiator.. guess the female VP wasn’t working out too well..

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Bailout Plan

If some type of plan is not passed soon, this nation will suffer economic fallout like you won't believe. $700 million will be a drop in the bucket. I am anti-Wall Steet but now is not the time to play politics. Our economic structure is on the verge of collapse and the price we will eventually pay for not acting will be painful for generations. It is sad how we are represented in Washington. NO Leadership at all from either party.

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I don't think anyone is saying that

The issue is, which plan and what will work.

They need to get over themselves, sit down with a series of world leading economists and craft a plan.

Or select from some of the plans that have been already vetted and plain pass them.

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