Europe's banking system needs $25 Trillion bailout

This headline is scary enough.

European bank bail-out could push EU into crisis

The article talks in vague terms about "secret reports".
The problem is that the article has been changed. A Google search will reveal it's original headline which is much scarier.

European banks may need £16.3 trillion bail-out, EC document warns.

The Telegraph changed more than the headline. They had also removed two paragraphs from the original news article. Fortunately other blogs had captured those missing paragraphs.

European Commission officials have estimated that impaired assets may amount to 44pc of EU bank balance sheets. The Commission estimates that so-called financial instruments in the trading book total £12.3 trillion (13.7 trillion euros), equivalent to about 33pc of EU bank balance sheets.

In addition, so-called 'available for sale instruments' worth £4trillion (4.5 trillion euros), or 11pc of balance sheets, are also added by the Commission to arrive at the headline figure of £16.3 trillion.

Suddenly the article isn't vague anymore.
£16.3 trillion is equal to $25 Trillion. Where can Europe find $25 Trillion in a hurry? Only one place - the ECB printing presses.
$25 Trillion is twice as large as the GDP of the European Union. A bailout of this magnitude cannot be hidden. Will the German public stand still for this massive bailout of its weaker neighbors? How much hyperinflation will all this printing cause?

The fact that the Telegraph intentionally censored itself speaks volumes, and there is no doubt as to why they did it - to not scare the public. The last time I remember the media doing that was during the Great Depression, when they stopped reporting food riots.

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lifting the scab off of a gangrene leg

It's becoming obvious to me they need to just nationalize the global banking system, wipe out this toxic debt, sorry all shareholders and investors, you are taking a heavy loss, fire all of the executive management, pass massive regulation and start over.

What a friggin' disaster.

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