Friday Movie Night - Stewart vs. Cramer plus the Wobblies Edition

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!

Unless you have been hiding in a black box, you could not have missed hearing about Jon Stewart's attack on CNBC. Jim Cramer went on the Daily Show and here is the resulting interview:


Cramer vs. Stewart, I


Cramer vs. Stewart, II


Cramer vs. Stewart, III


Now, while many of us know indeed CNBC presents various agenda items, for example, H-1B guest worker Visas, per corporate lobbyists requests and the reporting is incredibly biased. That said, one can point to almost any news organization doing precisely the same thing. Cramer did get Bear Sterns wrong but he also did get the subprime implosion right, so to me he is the least of our problems.

I also disagree with Stewart in saying Cramer should not be entertaining. One doesn't need to be dull to describe precisely how private hedge fund managers spread rumors and create waves of shorts to manipulate a stock price, or how many derivatives are based on mathematics that only are valid in a 20 dimensional alternative universe.

Cramer keep your crazies but just get a little more honest & in depth. (and fire those others who brazenly push corporate lobbyists agenda as interviews and stories, ya hearing that, New York Times, CNN?)


Next up, midtowng's history of labor series mentioned the IWW in history. Now I personally disagree with some of their policies but many have truly changed labor for the better and theirs is a story that all should be aware of.

The Wobblies



Cramer & DebtWatch

Steve keen had some funny things to say on this. See

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Bonddad on Cramer vs. Stewart

He has some reality check observations and notes that if people had just read the bloggers, who were pointing to this in screaming bloody HTML, the investors would have been just fine....and that is the truth and why we're all here...

There are a host of incredible analysts, voices out here where corporate media will not even touch them, speaking check out some of these blogs in the middle column to stay aware.

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I read them all the time.

And that is all I read. Call me cynical but I can't remember the last time I watched network or cable news outlets, except for 60 minutes and Bill Moyers Journal. I long ago lost confidence in "mainstream" journalism. The best reporters (read: honest, unbiased) out there, whether it be finance, politics, economics, energy, socio-economics, agriculture, alternative living, psychology, law,... whatever, are bloggers. And the most successful non-fiction writers are also bloggers. Propaganda is hard to get away with on the internet.

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that's cause

we're all workin' fer free!

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