A great slide show about OECD leading economic indicators

The New York Times has a great slide show about the OECD's global economic leading indicators (h/t Calculated Risk). It is well worth your time to check it out. As of May 2009, the OECD's indicators suggested a turn to global economic expansion was near.

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World Bank Report

I wrote this, Global Implosion overviewing some of the World Bank statistics, from June 22, 2009.

The World Bank report shows very muddied, dire situation for the U.S. even with GDP. Projections are: 1.8% - 2010 2.5% - 2011 GDP growth...

but.... look at India, China. and then (I'm working on this) GDP attributed to the U.S. really isn't because they wrongly calculate productivity that is really offshore, into U.S. GDP.

(BTW: the world bank website sucks. They break their links almost daily, so we might have to upload data to EP).

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