Must Read Posts for July 31, 2010

On The Economic Populist you might have noticed the right column. We try to list other sites and blogs who have exceptional insight and writing on what is happening in the U.S. economy.

Sometimes though, one cannot say it better but miss those who did.

Must Read Post #1

Ethics is coming to D.C. Maxine Waters seemingly got some TARP money for a bank her husband and earlier herself, had stock in. Charlie Rangel didn't pay his taxes, while writing legislation to modify the U.S. tax code.



Must Read Post #2

The treatment of the U.S. workforce is a Sin and a Shame:

The treatment of workers by American corporations has been worse — far more treacherous — than most of the population realizes. There was no need for so many men and women to be forced out of their jobs in the downturn known as the great recession.

Must Read Post #3

H.R. 4692, the National Manufacturing Strategy Act, overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives. House Sponsor Lipinski's bill outline:

Congressman Lipinski’s bill requires the President to establish a Manufacturing Strategy Board within the Commerce Department that includes federal officials, two state Governors from different parties, and nine private-sector leaders and stakeholders from the manufacturing industry. The Board will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the manufacturing sector covering everything from trade issues to financing to the defense industrial base. Based on this analysis, the President’s Board will then develop a National Manufacturing Strategy that includes short- and long-term goals for the manufacturing industry and specific recommendations on how to achieve those goals. The recommendations may include actions that can be taken by the President, Congress, state and local governments, the private sector, universities, and industry associations. They may also include ways to improve government policies and coordination among federal agencies that impact manufacturing. The first Strategy will be due one year after H.R. 4692 becomes law and subsequent Strategies are due every four years, in the second year of each Presidential term.

The bill will be introduced by Senator Debbie Stebenow, where no doubt it will go to die like all good, useful bills do in the Senate.

Must Read Post #4

Paul Krugman reviews the Beveridge Curve, again showing a shift between job openings and hiring. Hate to break it to you Krugman, but U.S. corporations worker philosophy is almost anyone but an American and any country but America when it comes to hires. Here is the Atlanta Fed. post on the Beveridge Curve.

Must Read Post #5

Econbrowser published a Q2 2010 GDP review. Via a host of different method computer models, they say the U.S. economy is in growth, abet pathetic growth, hence instead of a continuing long recession, technically we might have a double dip determination latter in the year. Take with a caveat, these guys always deny trade deficits are an issue, claiming massive imports somehow shows "economic activity". Uh, yeah, the activity of Americans' wallets being sucked dry.

Must Read Post #6

Need we say more. Twenty-two statistics which prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America.