Sunday Morning Comics - Adopt a Job Creator Edition

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Cup O' Joe


Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
break out the O.J....hang out with the pooch...time to check out the money funnies.


Adopt a Job Creator


Cartoonist: Jim Morin


S&P Numbers N Stuff


Cartoonist: Nate Beeler


MoneyBrawl - No More $5 Footlongs


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


The Word - Death and Taxes


Cartoonist: Jim Morin


That Custom-Tailored Obama Scandal You Ordered Is Finally Here


Cartoonist: Clay Bennett




Cartoonist: Steve Sack


Campaign Land


Cartoonist: Joel Pett


European Union Collapse & War-Fueled Recovery


Cartoonist: Clay Bennett


Bill Maher on Job Creators


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


Barack Obama Unveils the "Buffett Rule"




SMC, no longer weekly

Folks, we're doing economic related funnies, "editor's choice" no longer weekly. There are some weeks where the pickin's are too sparse, plus it takes a long time to sift through all of the youtubes, video clips, network websites, and cartoons, so forth to find economic parody and such that is actually screamingly funny.

But you can always find the funnies round up under the main video menu if you need a good laugh about what is truly FUBAR and makes you want to throw your chair through a window.

I must say this one is a scream, so enjoy when the economic events get so heavy you think Armageddon is upon us. This will help at least with your mood!