Sunday Morning Comics - Distract-O-Tron Edition

Brought to you by the Mortgage Fraud Settlement -We issue press releases so it sounds like we're doing something instead of screwing you royal.
Cup O' Joe


Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
break out the O.J....hang out with the pooch...time to check out the economic funnies.


SuperPac Do It Yourself Negative Political Ad Kit


Cartoonist: Pat Bagley


The BLS reports an astounding 4 million jobs were added this month, but they are all located in Saint Louis, Missouri




Cartoonist: R.J. Matson




This just in, employee's hard work finally pays off:

Following seven straight years of long hours at the office and sacrificed weekends and holidays, all of account manager Sam Hemstead's hard work and single-minded devotion to Pinnacle Automotive Insurance has finally paid off for CEO Charles Pardahee, Pardahee said Friday.

"There were definitely some nights I'd lie awake in bed and wonder, 'Is Sam absolutely killing himself day in and day out for nothing?'" Pardahee told reporters while driving to his weekend home in a recently purchased 2012 BMW luxury sedan. "But Sam just put his head down and never looked back, and this year his blood, sweat, and tears have proven profitable to the tune of a 15 percent larger bonus for myself."

Grover Norquist Busted for Taxing Affair


Cartoonist: Mike Luckovich


Newt Gingrich - Moon President


Cartoonist: Tom Toles


Money Talks - The Haves & the Soon-to-Haves



There is a growing consensus that the Occupy Movement should actually Occupy Walmart, otherwise known as little China.

...and finally...a new bill in Congress makes it very clear....every sperm is sacred...



Sunday Morning Comics

SMC is still here, just that the last few weeks frankly we cannot find much that's really funny. Economic comedy is tough and we just haven't found material. If we missed something, please share in a comment.

The series will continue, we must laugh at this, or become so depressed we'll sit on the cough like consumer zombies.

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