Watch the Third Party Debate Tonight

The third party candidates well be duking it out in the last debate of the campaign season tonight at 9 PM.

You can catch the debate at 9 PM on CSPAN 2. Or online here.

Update: Here is the embedded debate video:

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They might have an embedded stream and I'll take advantage of my admin status (sic) and embed the video in your if I can find it.

Anyone notice our poll on who people are voting for is really spread out well?

If only the national media would cover 3rd parties or we could stop this lock by the 2 party system on US elections we might get some more diverse and thus better options.

I was very surprised by that poll, I expected it to pop up 80% Obama or something.

Means we have deep thinking readers!

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He speaks truth so often and this time he specifically mentioned the use of the H-1B Visa to labor arbitrage and displace Professional workers! That's awesome because both Obama and McCain have promised to sell out Professional workers, possibly in the lame duck.

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that I'm a presidential elector for Nader in my home state?

And I'll tell you that it took me a while to punch his name on the voting machine, but I wrote Ralph in. It's a damn shame that Nader wasn't invited to the debates.

McCain agreed to debate him, but Obama refused to let Nader into the 3 debates.

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Who blame Ralph for Bush. The reason is ....NAFTA. Gore is the one who pushed for bad trade deals and the fact that race was even close really was his fault and Ralph was just doing his thing.

I also blame the ballot designer on that butterfly ballot.

I'm assuredly in the minority with that but if we didn't have guys like Ralph around, pushing for real policy change and sputtering out facts right and left we'd be in worse shape than we are.

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