Housing and Unemployment

Unemployed Councils, Eviction Riots, and the New Deal

It was the morning of January 22, 1932, in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood of the Bronx. A crowd was gathering in front of 2302 Olinville Avenue, near the Bronx Park.
City Marshals and Police had moved in to evict 17 tenants who were on a "rent strike". A crowd of 4,000 had gathered nearby.

When the marshals moved into the building and the first stick of furniture appeared on the street, the crowd charged the police and began pummeling them with fists, stones, and sticks, while the "non-combatants urged the belligerents to greater fury with anathemas for capitalism, the police and landlords." The outnumbered police barely held their lines until reinforcements arrived.

Every single reserve police officer in the Bronx had to be called in to prevent being routed by the rioters.

What Unemployment - Not at IBM, GM & U.S Multinationals

The Great Recession has a face - the U.S. worker. The coming Depression has a name - Outsourcing. Just look at the trend of employment at IBM over the last 4 years. Employment has increased internationally and decreased in the U.S. GM is the largest private employer in Mexico. China? Let's not even go there but the outsource list gets much longer.