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  • Thanks!

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  • That is very frightening and I doubt no reporters are on this.

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  • for most of this year, our refinery oil consumption has exceeded our apparent supply of oil from all sources by an average of around a million barrels per day, resulting in a large "unaccounted for oil" entry on the US petroleum balance sheet, as i explain in my second paragraph here...while i allude to that problem with the data cynically, it suggests either that the EIA has suddenly lost the ability to keep track of our oil supplies, or that something else is going on...

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  • I think oil is so tied to overall inflation and the CPI keeps gas prices separate when energy costs percolate through everything else.

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  • Well, it's kinda obvious

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  • This is truly astounding that they didn't cut production originally. Denial!

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  • There can be some who make 100K+ with no worry, but the more you make the more pressure you choose on.

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  • Great Post! Measures and all of the points are very clearly explained. It's quite informative and interesting to read.

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  • Why does Mr. Gemma not mention what each of these groups did to merit being identified as hate groups?

    FRC and DJKM were both labeled for disseminating pseudoscience as proof that gay people are an unnatural abomination and collaborating to perpetuate conditions that made it acceptable to persecute them. Both groups lobbied for an anti-lgbt agenda. It also bears mentioning that federal magistrate judge recommended DJKM's libel suit be dismissed "with prejudice" because it was baseless.

    Joseph Farah promoted conspiracy theories including the Birther conspiracy about former U.S. President Obama, even claiming that his long form birth certificate was a forgery.

    Dinesh D’Souza wrote a book on how Leftists and liberals were Nazis, supported torture at Abu Ghraib, mocked victims of the Stoneman Douglas School shooting, and publicly opposed policies intended to ameliorate the pernicious effects of racism and poverty on people of color.

    Jeff Sessions has on numerous occasions been openly racist. He has spent his career supporting both in word and in policy the right to discriminate against LGBT people, and was instrumental in implementing the Trump Presidency's immigration policy.

    It's perfectly reasonable and even proper to criticize misuse of funds by SPLC. However, this article disingenuously characterizes these people as victims rather than people deserving the label they received, considering the harm they've done. Peter Gemma attempts to clumsily poison the well and obfuscate the misdeeds of these individuals and groups. The SPLC is a flawed organization which successfully identified people and organizations promoting hate against marginalized groups, based on substantial evidence verifiable by anyone who can manage a google search.

    Shame on you, Mr. Gemma.

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  • I am going to say that really nice information had shared here which I really like. I will try to read more after my road trips from new york.

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  • Why are you blaming the immigrants when it’s the rich Americans who are preying on them. In reality there is enough jobs for everyone but they are the ones offering half the pay and hiring people from Mexico, instead of the grad students who have 150 k debt. 6.5 interest in their loans while in school. Their rents are three times what their parents were, and so is their rent. And it’s the same rich Americans and these students parents who vote for presidents who abuse the starving students and graduates and treat them as a profit.

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  • While I have certainly experienced this is California, being a massage therapist working in physical therapy and chiropractic offices. They charge $150.00 plus for a massage and offer massage therapists 20$. People generally don’t tip because the are injured, on work comp, paying co pays for pt. And it should be covered by their insurance. However they will just hire people from Mexico who are desperate for the work. And while I see this as a problem, I don’t blame the immigrants. I blame the Americans who are abusing employees. It’s not he immigrants fault that places like Walmart will hire them to work at night mopping the floor illegally for 6.00 an hr, and als and support slave labor and sweat shops in other counties, where children are making 10 cents an hr. To make Walmart’s products. Why are we blaming the poor people from other countries when it’s rich white Americans, land owners, who are jacking up all the office rents, etc... and turning down experienced workers who are asking just for a decent wage to live the off of. Blame the rich cooperations. They are destroying America not the immigrants. Things are getting worse here every day, and these cooperations are preying on good people who aren’t poor, the system is broken.

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  • With soaring deficits, the economy should be growing like a bat out of hell. After all, we'll never be able to pay back a penny of the debt. The real question is how much debt is too much debt and why does it take so much debt to create the illusion of growth?

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  • The labor participation rate peaked long before the Great Recession and has been declining for a very long time. Using U6 has never been done before....until now. Even Gallup used U6 as the "real unemployment rate" but only because there was a black man in the White House. U6 was used to make things look worse than they were. After Trump was elected Gallup and all our financial news organizations went back to using U3. There's a word for this. It's called "racism."

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  • We have a crisis in this country - corporate layoffs. Or “economic genocide” is how I think of it. Year after year after year thousands if not millions of men and women get stripped of their livelihoods through no fault of their own. Their means of survival - putting food on their tables, clothes on their backs and roofs over their heads - taken with little or no warning. And where does that money go instead? It further lines the already overstuffed pockets of the fat cats at the top of the corporate hierarchy for whom no amount of millions is ever too much.

    This insanity has to stop!!!

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  • what, you mean the exceptional growth rate despite the big draw from inventories? i think it's because of the tariff announcements...everyone tried to ship as much as they could before the european and Chinese tariffs kicked in...thus we had a 15% jump in exports before inflation, boosting GDP, while inventories were emptied out, reducing that GDP boost...both are due to reverse in the coming quarters...

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  • How is this all possible considering.

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  • If the SPLC were honest they would put themselves on their hate list since they HATE white people.

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  • A cold-snap? Where was this? Would you believe that between January 4th, 2018 and January 15th, 2018 that Metro-Denver averaged just under 16 F worth of anomaly on an average basis among more than 40 global trade competitors?

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  • [Quote] In an interview with this writer, Laird Wilcox, (of) the University of Kansas, leveled this charge: “The dirty little secret behind the SPLC is that they actually need racial violence, growing ‘hate groups,’ and more racial crime to justify their existence and promote their agenda. With each violent act, additional ‘hate’ group, and racial incident, the SPLC’s status improves: fundraising goes up, they get more media exposure, their credibility increases, and their political usefulness to the far left surges.” [End quote]

    Wow, that is a lot like saying that with every school shooting or every false flag alleged-terror operation gun sales go way up. The SPLC doesn't promote racial disharmony as there is plenty of that already, including a sizeable minority percentage in America which would like nothing better than to repeal the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act. The question is why now more than a half-century after Lyndon Johnson signed both Acts into law is there still any percentage of Americans still trying to repeal both those laws.

    You know which political party hates other Americans the worst in the US? Is it the extreme right or the the extreme left? Neither. The political party that hates other Americans the worst are the center-right neoliberals posing as Democrats, who have more in-common with Richard Nixon than with Jimmy Carter. Don't take my word for it though, as this is what the NY Times said just 10 days ago:

    Centrists Are the Most Hostile to Democracy, Not Extremists:

    So the SPLC does an admirable job of promoting equality and fairness for all Americans? What is so bad about that in a political environment full of haters as well as those who would like nothing better than to go back to 1948 and start over again. Remember that 1948 was the year that Strom Thurmond was elected as a member of the States Rights Party, which heavily-favored ongoing segregation and apartheid.

    What is so wrong with an America where all of its citizens are treated fairly and equally as allegedly-guaranteed under our Constitution?

    Just think, if the US could ever move fully away from apartheid and away from inequitable and racially-targeted blanket suspicion we might not need either the SPLC nor the NRA ever again.

    And then we could all get on with our lives in an environment bereft of hatred for our fellow man.

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