black friday

Retail Sales Up 0.2% for December as Holiday Sales Grow By 3.8%

December 2013 Retail Sales increased 0.2% for the month on groceries, booze, gas and clothing.  Retail sales have now increased 4.1% from a year ago.  Electronics & Appliances tanked with their sales down -2.5% for December.  Auto sales plunged -1.9% from the previous month, but that's OK, they are still up 6.2% for the year.  Holiday sales increased 3.8%, a fine showing of more consumerism in America.

Black Friday Sales Numbers - 0.5% increase from 2008, due to increase in total shoppers

More shoppers, less sales per shopper. Total sales were up 0.5% from 2008.

The totals, from BIGresearch polling, are $41.2 billion. Last year was $40 billion. This is because there were more shoppers.

The average haul per shopper was $343.31. Last year per shopper was $372.57. This includes online sales.

This statistic, 31.2% of all shoppers were in line at 5am to me is telling. Only people who really need to save that extra $100 will get up in the middle of the night to stand out in the cold.

Since many online only retailers seemed to run their specials during Black Friday, it's unclear how low they can go for CyberMonday tomorrow.

Those expecting the holiday season to kick start American consumerism will assuredly be disappointed. No job. No sales, that's the bottom line.

Black Friday Shopping Data

Amazing but true, Black Friday hauled in 3% more than last year.

Americans spent $10.6 Billion dollars in one single day, shoppin'.

Last year it was $10.3 billion.

My only guess is that credit cards are still not at their limits.

Amazing isn't it? The economy on the skids and in one single day $10.6 billion dollars is spent.