CPI for January 2010

The January 2010 CPI-U report is out.

The CPI-U increased 0.2 percent in January, the same increase as in December. The index for all items less food and energy fell 0.1 percent in January after rising 0.1 percent in December.



The increase was due to gas, but see the PPI report for a dramatic increase in gas, coming to a station near you soon!


CPI for December 2009

The Consumer Price Index is out for December 2009 with an increase of 0.1% from last month and for the year, we have an overall increase of 2.7%.

This month it's used cars which have the price rise of 2.5%. Not surprising since cash for clunkers has now worn off. Travel increased too, airfare alone went up 2.4% in a month. Guess all of those naked screeners are spendy (a joke, it is assuredly fuel costs).

But recall how some food commodities are expected to go sky high in 2010, this report may be showing the first signs, with food increasing 0.2%. This month's 0.2% is the largest increase in a year. Energy also rose another 0.2% but this is the smallest increase in 5 months.