Underwater mortgages

HUH? or Help for Underwater Homeowners in the U.S.

We desperately need constructive vs. destructive solutions. Imagine the economic stimulus effect of 15 million hardworking, voting, home owning, American households with reduced debt service and tangibly increased expendable income over the next 5 years…

Tapping on the Walls of The Echo Chamber or “HUH?”

By On Porpoise

“The walls of the echo chamber can sometimes keep out fresh voices and new ways of thinking…”

— Barak Obama 11-26-08

Imagine this:

* Oval Office September 2010. Rahm Emanuel seated with President Obama.
* Emanuel: “Pardon me Mr. President – What the hell is that?”
* Obama: Pauses – listens intently – a “tap, tap, tap” is audible in the distance.
* Emanuel: “Dammit! They’re tapping on the walls of our echo chamber!”

In his NY Times column of September 5, 2010, Pulitzer Prize winning Princeton economist Paul Krugman yearns for the Obama administration to rediscover the virtues of “intellectual clarity and political will” – as prerequisites for proposing essential stimulus measures to reinvigorate the struggling U.S. economy.