Bad News For Techies - Both Presidential Candidates Will Screw You

Yes the title is rude but so is this.

Presidential candidates agree on increasing H-1B visas


It's just incredible, there have been so many Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Professionals testifying before Congress, major reports proving US professionals are being displaced by guest workers, careers cut short and these Visas are also used to offshore outsource America jobs....yet not even a pittance of acknowledgment to this reality. No, both Presidential candidates are going to do what corporate lobbyists and foreign lobbyists want them to.

So much for the rhetoric of being concerned for the United States middle class.

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EP : Poll Members on Tech Union

Can EP do quasi scientific polls on whether we need unions for 2.5 Million Tech Workers? The number comes from the BLS stats. 2.5 Million is a big union and even a trade group spokesperson would be incredibly powerful.

With polling someone can presume to speak for the 2.5 Million yet silent majority. Somebody besides the vampires of big tech.

Burton Leed

Poll on Union for Techies


You realize that you can create a poll or write a blog post and attach a poll?

I will work on adding polls to forums too. (not available but soon will be).

Look on the left brleed and see create content.

Presidential candidates agree on increasing H-1B visas

Both Canidates will increase H-1B Neither will help the middle class! I still think McCaine is worse though. Due to he votes the same way Bush does. Obama is still paid for and won't do much. But at least with him it may get better. Just in case I am voting Independent. My way of saying anyone else want to make a real change. 2 party system is not working very well anymore