Bank protesters storm Irish Parliament

Americans might not have gotten the idea, but the Irish are coming around to it.

Protesters stormed Ireland's parliament last night during a march against government plans to inject billions of euros into the country's banks.
Dozens of people broke away from the march and ran at the gates of the parliament's main building, Leinster House.

First Iceland, then Greece, now Ireland. With any luck this might catch on.

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oh boy

why do I feel like I am in 1930 from a past life? Yes, it's only in American people are not in the street. I think it's due to the chemicals in the fat burgers.

Land Where One Eyed Monsters are King

We are staring at a tube right? That means no Bunker Hill, Bastille, Winter Palace or Leinster Hall.

At some point, they just might take over. In 1917, Irish took McConnell Street Post Office. Black and Tans were sent in to stop them.

The great Winston Churchill, war minister sent the gunboats up the Liffey to shell most of Dublin when the Irish refused the Peace Treaty in 1923 with the UK.

Get ready for the Iron Fist, from Brussels.

Burton Leed

where do you come up with these analogies?

Some of them are a scream. They will just do it all digitally and threaten each person with a lower credit score.

If anyone in "journalism"

If anyone in "journalism" even bothers to check facts anymore, they'll find that 20-or-so protesters broke off from an otherwise-peaceful march, tried to walk through an OPEN gate, were asked to leave by police, refused to do so, got clobbered over the head by said-police, and then left.

In Ireland, RTE (the national radio and television broadcaster in Ireland) gave the story less than 60 seconds at the end of the main evening news. It was a quick "oh, by the way" story. Looking at foreign news services though, you'd think the government had been dragged out and roasted on a spit.

If that's what passes for journalism nowadays, God help us all.

thanks for the correction

Not the first time the MSM has spun the news and thus it perpetuates. Good news is blogs can edit in real time and change to the actual facts.