Best Black Friday Deal EVER!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Economic Populists!

Do we have a Black Friday special for you! Straight from twitter: One Day Only!

Dubai Palm

Your Own Personal Man Made Island!


99% Off!


Look at what you can get!







Select from ANY of these locations!

You'll be surrounded by a complete 360° ocean view!

Any at all, seriously, pick one, any one!



If a man made island doesn't appeal to you, try Islamic Bonds! Yours for the taking! $3.5 billion in bonds, now at 70 cents on the dollar! First come, first served! Unlimited quantities!


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Your dollars are soaring as safe haven* so Buy Now before your dollar tanks**!

* dollar spike one day only
** 20% falling dollar restocking fee

Sponge Bob Bubble


Hurry in, last chance to get on this once in a lifetime opportunity! So bubblicious it's about to pop!


One day only! . Markets open at 1am.


Don't let this opportunity pass you buy! You'll sink to think you missed out on your own personal man made island. It's quick sand!

dubai man made

No refunds, no returns. All credit default swaps paid out 100% regardless of market conditions.



This is great!

Quite witty! ;-)

But Almost Seriously

Talks must be going on to develop a 99-year lease of these jewels for a navy base. I know Geroge W. Bush wouldn't let this kind of opportunity get away from him! Imagine what KBR could do with it -- $100 a scoop desserts!
Frank T.

Frank T.