Christmas Movie Marathon - The Age of Uncertainty

hot buttered popcorn It's Christmas, along with Friday Night Videos! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


This week is a marathon, in honor of Christmas day.

Economist or more social scientist, John Kenneth Galbraith, wrote and presented an economic series in 1977, The Age of Uncertainty. Galbraith was kind of a dinosaur by 1977, with Milton Friedman, Thatcherism and Reagan taking power of the political economy. Now that we are suffering through the consequences of unbridled corporate driven (written) policies, it might be nice to go back memory lane and revist Galbraith's view of of economic history.

The series has 15 parts and the 12 which overview economic history are in this post. Happy Holidays.

The Prophets and Promise of Classical Capitalism


The Manners and Morals of High Capitalism


The Dissent of Karl Marx


The Colonial Idea


Lenin and the Great Ungluing


The Rise and Fall of Money


The Mandarin Revolution


The Fatal Competition


The Big Corporation


Land and People


The Metropolis


Democracy, Leadership, Commitment



Wow! Thanks for digging these up and posting them here!

I did not know of these before! You de Man! Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours!

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This is the Dad of James Galbraith

Just in case this gets confused with his son who has been outspoken on the bail out, son is James K. Galbraith.

Happy Holidays back!

While I'm not too keen on some elites deciding what is good for the people, which from a philosophical bullet point, is Friedman's theme, what happened sure isn't much of a choice. Getting fired as cannon fodder isn't a lot of choice involved and I do think this is a fundamental issue...

Should government be the former of societies or is it just this bare bones thing which wages war and little else?

Frankly I don't think we have either, we have corporate lobbyists running the country.

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Tony Wikrent, is this you?

This post is on "your blog", did you write it?

You know you can cross post over here, even a few excerpts...
just a matter of changing a few things to fake out the Google to make sure it's not classified as an exact duplicate piece.

On the post itself, here's the thing that bothers me and why I put the Gomory and Baumol book at the top of the reads list....what we have today is not free trade and that's by the theory itself...

so, when we get these people singing songs about "free trade" I think they just don't have the mathematics chops or even maybe a basic macro econ text crack ability...
or maybe they never even read one line about what is in a single trade agreement, never mind read realize that's just ain't free trade and that's by the theory itself.

Even worse, if one implemented free trade, what Gomory/Baumol the equations can clearly indicate a trade strategy, in the national interest and do it the "wrong way" and one can literally destroy their own economy.

This DRIVES ME NUTS, because these "free trade" people clearly don't even know what they are talking about and that's by your classic Ricardo equations, your basic trade theory 101.

(I want an autographed copy of Gomory's text at this point, I talk about enough to promote probably 10 sells....
does anybody do their friggin' homework these days? ;))

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