Employed Foreign Guest Workers Outnumber ALL Unemployed U.S. Technical Workers

This is an astounding story. Computer World is reporting H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies:

The government then points out that "in January of 2009, the total number of workers employed in the information technology occupation under the H-1B program substantially exceeded the 241,000 unemployed U.S. citizen workers within the same occupation.

Can you believe that? So, why is the United States even granting temporary foreign guest worker Visas and instead employing those out of work Americans?

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Why is this such a surprise?

Why is this such a surprise? It would be interesting to compare employer costs for each category, and this would probably indicate why H-1B is preferred. One can only wonder if things get even more desperate there will not be varied forms of outrage expressed. If prolonged, would eventual Balkanization ensue?;-)

I think there is

Not putting U.S. citizens first for jobs in their own country is just so ridiculous and beyond common sense (it also happens to be validated with decades of labor economic theory), but I have a feeling Americans are about to explode over all of this.

Backwards sign in if-then-else statement

Is if the numbers were the other way around.

I can pretty much guarantee that since 2004, the number of H-1b visa holders had been > number of unemployed American Techies.

That sounds to me as it should be- you should only be letting H-1bs in if the number of unemployed techies is relatively small.

If the number of unemployed techies was > number of H-1b visas, then it should be a simple decision to cancel *all* the H-1b visas and hire the unemployed techies to reduce the number of unemployed techies.

Executive compensation is inversely proportional to morality and ethics.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

I Agree Total Nonsense

With a lot of Americans unemployed we should send the guest workers home. Obama's priority should be first with Americans and then permanent residents to get jobs.