Friday Movie Night - It's the Elizabeth Warren Show!

It's Friday, late and so time for some movies. Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard Professor and expert in Bankruptcy law and consumer rights.

Below is her talk from the UC Berkeley Lecture series, The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class:

She also wrote the book The Two-Income Trap and blogs periodically over on TPMCafe.

In our double feature Friday night movie recommendation, we have the PBS Frontline documentary, The Secret History of the Credit Card. Click on the link to view the documentary in full. Professor Warren is interviewed on the predatory credit card practices.

Warren's work is accurate, exceptional and thank God someone out there is performing such detailed investigative research for the American People.

If anyone is aware, the House might actually cap these predatory interest rates on credit cards and Warren testified before the House sub-committee where a new consumer credit rights bill originated.

Elizabeth Warren is a one woman show of deep research, advocacy and actually has gotten Congress to listen!

Here are the details of the House credit card reform Bill.

Virtual popcorn will be added at a later date.



citi bank and the scam on modifing my home loan

citi bank offered me a home modification in may of 2009 in nov.2009 after 4 peyments they called to tell me i was not qualified. i made all payments on time and now they will not return my calls. i contacted sigtarp and greenpath. citi did not return those calls either. i have 2000,000in this home and need someone to help me talk to citi. thank you. i had a fixed 6% rate and used all my retirerment money.

Hello Janet

This is an economics blog. Beyond yelling out to the public there isn't much we can do.

I would suggest contacting your Senators, Congress Rep. State and Local officials and tell them what's going on.

You might also try to contact an attorney. Seems absurd to reneg after 4 payments on a signed contract. You do have a signed, closed mortgage modification?

Contacting an attorney well versed in real estate finance is

good. The other option is contacting a HUD-approved housing counselor. But do something quickly don't hesitate. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.