Friday Movie Night - The Secret History of the Credit Card

 It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


This weeks film is Frontline's The Secret History of the Credit Card. Lowell Bergman is one hell of a producer/writer of investigative journalism. Considering we have credit card companies getting TARP bail out money, watching this 2004 documentary seems more than appropriate.




Videos to Watch after "The Secret History of the Credit Card"

Thank you for getting this incredible video to more people.
My voyage of discovery started a while ago when I found the book "Empire of Debt" by Bonner and Wiggin, who were also involved in the DVD "IOUSA". This book and other reading led me to "The Secret History of the Credit Card" and then to "Maxed Out" by James D. Scurlock in book form and DVD. In quick succession, I found the DVD's "Time Bomb:Americas Debt Crisis", "In Debt We Trust" and the one that really got me thinking about Consumerism, "Century of Self" by Adam Curtis.
Two other books have proved useful for me, "Affluenza" and "The Overspent American". Liz Warren has really got my CPU humming (With the book, "The Two Income Trap") on the topic of how to create sustained abundance on two incomes, rather than debt.

I have my own blogs now and hope to record a podcast that covers the history of consumer debt in segments. My goal is to help Boomers get out of the trap and keep new generations from getting in.

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Check out credit slips blog. Elizabeth Warren is affiliated with that one.

Every Friday I hunt to see what I can find online that I can embed of great videos/documentaries on anything economically related that isn't pure corporate fiction or some other type of fiction. Many of them are obscure and while I'm not sure how this whole embedding these super in depth, high quality films helps those who made them get paid, they assuredly deserve more viewers and glad they are available.

I watched this one when it first came out, put it on VHS and watched it a couple of more times. Some of the Frontlines are like that, you cannot get all of the information crammed in one of these in just one view.