Goldman Sachs Exec to Head SEC to Oversee Mutual Funds and Investment Advisers

Source: ABC News  (Mon Dieu! Is anyone surprised?)
A Goldman Sachs executive has been named to head the division of the Securities and Exchange Commission that oversees mutual funds and investment advisers.

The agency said Tuesday that Eileen Rominger will become director of investment management, replacing Andrew "Buddy" Donohue, who left the SEC in November. Rominger has worked for nearly 30 years as a portfolio manager and leader of asset management teams. She worked for 11 years at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, most recently as its global chief investment officer.

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Here's one trend that won't change..not with this revolving door

Que Surprise

Not. I think RO wrote earlier that we should just skip the government and outsource it to Goldman Sachs.

I did write that, thanks for remembering

Also, this "China" state dinner, meeting is a joke. They just gave away advanced GE aircraft technology to China.

These people are absolutely stupid and no doubt due to GE wanting a fast buck.