Instadiscussion John McCain - One Proposal I noticed

I was rereading policy positions again between Obama and McCain.

Is anyone else really sick of hearing rhetoric and problem description instead of proposals and the justifications of why they would work?

Anyway, I came across this in McCain's Plan:

John McCain Will Establish Permanent Tax Credit Equal To 10 Percent Of Wages Spent On R&D. This reform will simplify the tax code, reward activity in the U.S., and make us more competitive with other countries. A permanent credit will provide an incentive to innovate and remove uncertainty. At a time when our companies need to be more competitive, we need to provide a permanent incentive to innovate, and remove the uncertainty now hanging over businesses as they make R&D investment decisions

Now, if those are US citizen wages in the United States....(just a minor detail! Whose wages, China's?) this was actually quite shocking for that would be tying a tax incentive to keep high end research jobs in the US (which are going overseas in droves).

What do you think? Did some sane person accidentally sneak in something in his plans without the GOP being aware of it?

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10 Percent Credit for R&D - Citizens or H1/2A/B Visa Wages?

Corporate America can hire H1/H2B Visa workers and claim the credit proposed by Republican Platform. and they are shameless enough to do so. They would not have to send the work to Asia.

Much of the new hiring in the last year by Big Tech was H1B.
In fact with 44K Jobs lost, 65K H1Bs were added. In that context, the credit will accelerate job destruction.

Burton Leed


But watch out on these for Dems could do the same thing. We need jobs linked to US Citizenship and probably Perm (green card). But there too they are talking about instant green cards which could easily be yet another way to displace US workers and on top of it, if they are using green cards for labor, what does that mean about US citizenship or being loyal to this country?

I don't think one should deny employment to green card holders but on the other hand that implies one needs to stop the "instant" green card agenda being presented by lobbyists.

What a catch-22 that will be.