Intel - Invest in the United States

This just shocks me but is such a pleasant surprise. Paul Otellini, Intel CEO called on other corporations to invest in the United States.

What I'm asking is that other companies join us

This $7 billion dollar 32nm FAB announcement plus the new corporate patriotism speech won the ear of the President.

Now this is a change, a shock. Intel is even shutting down a FAB in China.

Intel has been notorious to labor arbitrage workers, pay less than other chip manufacturers and offshore outsource.

Just like every other corporation, Intel seemed to care less about the United States, it's workers and the national whammo, something has significantly changed.

Is Intel realizing global labor arbitrage plain doesn't work and by the way if every other corporation does it...uh this behavior has a tendency to destroy an entire national economy and it's middle class?

I have no idea but this new turn around should be showered with rewards in tax incentives, government contracts, free land, hell, free Starbucks, whatever.

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I think it's more about customers

I think Paul Otellini may just have finally figured out what Ford did- that his own employees are the early adopters of new tech.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


hopefully all companies will realize that US consumers are the best and that we are taking note of the one's who are shipping our jobs overseas and are not shopping with them at all. i read somewhere last week someone said it was pointless in helping the economy to help the poor with a stimulus check, they'd just go spend it at wal-mart and all the profits would go straight to china. great sentiment huh? i'm poor and we have consciously not been spending our money at wal-mart and we have also been taking the time to research what profits go where before we do shop. i suspect others are doing the same, poor or not.

Whoever claimed that

Apparently forgot that Wal*Mart's headquarters is still in Alabama.

Yes, the manufacturing portion of the profits would go to China, but Wal*Mart's pricing model has always been at least 25% of the purchase price goes back to Alabama. 8% would also go to the local store hiring people. So while yes, far less of the profit would come back to the United States, some of it still would.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


I think you meant to say Arkansas, not Alabama. In any event, I do believe your pricing model is correct.

You're right

My bad. Should have taken the time to look it up. Wall Mart is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, according to the Wikipedia Article.  


Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.