Pfizer Forcing U.S. Citizens to Train H-1B Guest Worker Replacements Before Being Fired

This is one of the most disgusting and egregious corporate acts I can think of.

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements:

Pfizer's outsourcing contract with Infosys Technologies and Satyam Computer Services means job losses for IT workers in Connecticut. Many U.S.-based contractors are complaining that they are being asked to train H-1B workers who will soon replace them.

Unfortunately we have heard this story repeatedly. Professionals have testified before Congress and multiple reports have witnessed this despicable treatment before throwing away U.S. workers.

Even worse, corporations intimidate and send fear into workers by withholding their severance, imply the worker will receive a bad job reference or the cruelest joke of maybe, just maybe they will be able to keep their job (which of course is a lie). The Day documents the psychological torture:

”It's a very, very stressful work environment. ... I haven't been able to sleep for weeks,” said one source.

”Morale on site is absolutely at the lowest of any time I've worked at the company,” said another source.

It's truly disgusting, Pfizer even released a memo calling this Procedure 117.

Ah, I see destroying U.S. workers is simply a procedure.

Sounds almost like the Final Solution of the Third Reich!

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We Should Let a News Program know about this

This is outrageous. With this economy and a lot of americans out of work, we should let people know that Pfizer is very anti-american.

Pfizer's actions are truly despicable

Remember -- Pfizer was given huge tax incentives and a big chunk of land in New London to bring their world headquarters there. The problem is -- Pfizer never really brought in the number of workers they promised.

Now they are replacing Americans with foreign workers. Be prepared to see some City official say something to the effect that "jobs are jobs -- whether they are for foreign workers or for Americans".

If New London had an ounce of guts, they would revoke the tax incentives for failure to perform, and drive Pfizer out of there. But since they'll now have the advantage of cheap housing for their cheap labor -- they might just award Pfizer for their unAmerican actions.

30 yrar Industrial/Commercial Electrician Laid Off

The day after the election we got the great news that he was being permanently laid off due to lack of work although the week before the company hired 6 illegal aliens.

Change you can believe in!!!! becomes count your change as you watch it dwindle to nothing.

President Bush was president

President Bush was president when this poor guy was laid off! It had nothing whatsoever to do with then president elect Obama!! IT had everything to do with profits, nothing to do with the presidedent-elect.

Electrician's Replacement are Legal or Illegal - How It Plays

There is a Federal Court case in Washington D.C. by the Immigration Reform Law Institute seeking damages against Homeland Security because DHS has consistently exceeded the 60K quota for H1Bs. The crux of the suit is damages for economic injury. It is a fact that the 60K quota has been exceeded almost every year. Outsourcers brag that they can beat the quota. The questions is the nature of damages.

If (maybe when!) the suit suit is settled, there will be damages paid, somehow and injunctive relief. The wording of the suit may be the basis for other actions on other Visa types and firms hiring illegal aliens.

Burton Leed


The minute attorneys are subject to these same global labor arbitrage practices, then things would change.

Anyone notice that the career areas making sure other US workers are royally screwed by global labor arbitrage are protected?

Attorneys have the bar and a host of labor protections to keep them from being subject.

(not referring to this legal case or the attorneys involved, talking about the entire legal occupational field).