Ralph Gomory and the Ketchum Goals

Ralph Gomory wants to change a fundamental problem in the United States. What is this fundamental problem? Corporate interests and the national interests are divergent. In Country and Company: Part I - Divergent Goals, Gomory calls these much needed changes the Ketchum Goals:

  1. We want companies that are productive, each contributing as much as possible to the total of goods and services produced in the United States. It is the sum of these efforts that make America a prosperous nation.
  2. We want these companies to provide productive and well-paying jobs so that the value the companies create is widely shared by Americans. It is this widely shared wealth that gives the nation and its people economic security and stability.

I wrote previously on Gomory's work to rein in corporate sociopathy in Corporate Citizen - An Oxymoron. Gomory has a think tank, The Horizon Project.

One thing that most seem to not grasp is the United States certainly could change a series of laws, incorporate many of these policy recommendations and rein in multinational corporations. It is completely possible to realign businesses with the national interest, with working America's interest.

Give these policy recommendations a read. They are outside the box. Shift that paradigm baby!

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