Retail Sales - May 2010

Retail sales declined -1.2% for May 2010.



Retail Trade Sales for May 2010 dropped -1.4% from last month. For the year retails sales is up 6.9%. In comparison to the the three month average from a year ago, retail sales is up 8.1%. The below graph is retail trade sales monthly change.



Last month's increase was all about gas, but this month is a mixed bag of gloom. Building materials, garden supplies and suppliers took the biggest hit with a -9.3% drop from last month. Auto sales also dropped significantly, -1.7%.

Gas sales dropped -3.3%. Retail sales are not adjusted for price variations.

The below graph is retail sales excluding autos, with minus autos, retail sales dropped -1.1%



What does this all mean? Well, one needs more data to determine a trend, although one could assuredly say that those who were pounding on the V recovery drum are slinking away to their caves by now. It is disconcerting to see only very slight percentage increases and dramatic decreases, across the board, but on the other hand, there is only so long one can blood suck from the U.S. workforce and expect them to keep shopping.

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