Sales and Inventories - October 2009

This report on Wholesale Sales and Inventories was released yesterday, but it's a positive sign to look at.

Sales were up 1.2% from last month and inventories have increased 0.3% from last month. This is the first increase in inventories in months and might be a positive sign for recovery, where inventories are allowed to build. Durable good inventories still dropped, another -0.4%, but non-durable goods inventories increased 1.5% overall. Farm products saw a large increase, 11.4% and petroleum increased 4.6% from last month.

In Sales, computer equipment gained 5.8% from last month, Professional equipment 3.5% and autos, 3.3%.

A positive change in inventories can mean companies are stocking up for increased production and additional sales.

wholesales sales inventories ratio Oct. 2009

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