Shutting off the Power and Other Bad News

Ah, utility companies are shutting off the power as more people cannot pay their bills.

In Pennsylvania, PPL Corp. increased shutoffs by 78% in the first three quarters of the year compared with the same period a year earlier
In Memphis, Tenn., the city-owned utility that supplies electricity, natural gas and water to residents cut off 38% more people in the first eight months of the year

and Bankruptcies pass 100k now equal to 2005.

Bear in mind that when the MNBA bill, oops I mean bankruptcy reform passed in 2005, this stopped many people from being able to get out of their debts.

If that's not enough:

Auto Sales worse since 1945

U.S. auto sales plummeted in October in what General Motors Corp. called the worst month since 1945, as reduced access to loans and a weaker economy kept consumers off dealer lots.

GM said in a statement today that its sales of cars and light trucks tumbled 45 percent from a year earlier. Ford Motor Co. reported a 30 percent decline and Toyota Motor Corp. posted a 23 percent drop. Honda Motor Co.'s were down 25 percent and Nissan Motor Co.'s slid 33 percent.

``If you adjust for population growth, it's the worst sales month in the post-World War II era'' for the industry, said Mike DiGiovanni, GM's chief sales analyst, on a conference call. ``Clearly we're in a dire situation.''

Meanwhile the Treasury is borrowing more, a lot more in this quarter.

The U.S. Treasury more than tripled its planned debt sales for this quarter to help finance a 2009 budget deficit that bond dealers advising the department estimate may swell to almost $1 trillion.

Borrowing needs are expected to rise to $550 billion in the three months to Dec. 31, compared with the $142 billion predicted in July, the Treasury said in a statement in Washington. That follows a $530 billion record in the July-September quarter

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Yep, just borrow more money for billionaires

And ignore the fact that if you REALLY wanted to stimulate the economy, you'd be giving jobs to the middle class who need them.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.