State and local governments prepared to cut 500,000 jobs

With the Census Department in the process of laying off about half a million people, combined with the coming job cuts from state and local governments, its hard to see how this economy is going to add any net jobs for the rest of the year.

The report, a result of a survey by the National League of Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties, showed local governments are moving to cut the equivalent of 8.6 percent of their workforces from 2009 to 2011. That suggests 481,000 employees will lose their jobs, according to the report, which said the tally may yet rise.
“Local governments across the country are now facing the combined impact of decreased tax revenues, a falloff in state and federal aid and increased demand for social services,” said the study, which was released in Washington today.

State and local governments have already cut about 200,000 jobs, as well as cut their overall spending by 3.8%, since the recession has started.

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what kind of jobs?

I read another report also saying funding for jobs was cut, yet it was very strange, as if they were not actually jobs, but increased welfare payments for not a job.

I hate to sound conservative, but frankly what kind of jobs are these? In other words we have been presented, as discussed many times, with "Stimulus" and "Jobs" that are not strategic, reasonably paying, skill building, infrastructure needing jobs at all. They also refuse to require these "jobs" are even for Americans, in America.

So, I'm kind of leery on these reports. I see some real true blue insanity going on frankly where state and local governments are cutting critical services, i.e. police, fire, when they are not purging the rolls of those who shouldn't be receiving social services at all.

i.e. they are cutting much needed services to the aged instead of cleaning up their rolls.

I know that sounds fuddy duddy but when it comes to really being strategic, using gov. funds for jobs that give the most bang for the buck, which we know there have been so many proposals reports for....those types of jobs get zero support...
they won't do anything about "Buy American and Hire America" either.

So, instead money, taxpayer money just hemorrhages out of the country instead of stimulating it.

CA issuing furloughs, IOUs coming

The consequence of politics and not smart, objective legislation and policy. Here we go, they'll run us into the ground before enacting policy/legislation on what actually is strategically wise.