Stock Markets Goin' down, down, down.....

It looks like we're seeing a global stock market correction.

Note, the term crash is defined in the double digit percentage losses. So, this is a correction, although some emerging markets are entering crash territory.

At the time of this writing:

The Dow is down over 550 762 points and drops below 10,000.

The NASDAQ has dropped over 6.6%.

Emerging Markets have dropped the most in 20 years.

The Russian market dropped 19%

The European markets fell the most since 1987.

Oil Plunges.

10% decline in Indonesia.

Brazil drops 16%

India is at a 2 year low.

China down 5.23%

Hong Kong 4.97%

So much for the peddling of Paulson's $700 billion dollar taxpayer funded plan being a cure all.

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This is only the beginning

Everyone knew the bailout wouldn't work, even the crooked politicians who decided to send every household an $18,000 tax bill even though economists told them it would not work.

Today's sell of is only a prelude to the real crash of over 20% that will come in the next week or so. Why? Just look at the history of the Great Crash of 29 and the crash of 87. Right now were only experience sell-offs before the real crash happens.

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